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Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to all of my followers, fans, family, friends, foes, forgotten ones, and any other peeps beginning in F or otherwise! I promise to deliver an even higher standard of work next year, and hope you will come along for the ride!

Thanks for the support, the belief, the inspiration, and the love……..

Ed x

New work added

I’ve updated the galleries by adding new work, and hopefully a style I have settled on. I would love some feedback on these pieces, get in touch! Remember, the Facebook page is where I am at most of the time so follow me on that for regular updates. I’m working on several projects at the moment but do contact me if you want some art prints or would like to commission a piece…….serious enquiries only!

Red Veil

Red Veil

The Inseminator

The Inseminator



Due to the volume of work on here and the difference in styles I will be deleting some, in particular the Dark Art gallery. Let me know if there is anything you would like to see kept or even if this is a bad idea! I am spending more time digitally painting and less in the photomanipulation style, which I know has it’s critics (doesn’t all art?!) but it is a choice I have made-both professionally and on a personal level. I hope the new body of work has its fans because it takes a bloody long time! Anyway, help me out by sharing the page, visiting Facebook and throwing me a like……

Ed x

Store now open

Click here!

I have finally got a store up and running, with limited prints available. I have been working with a fine art printer based in London to achieve the best results possible.

After much deliberation and many test prints, I have chosen Hahnemuhle Baryta 320gsm heavyweight fibre based paper for the artwork. It holds impressive colour depth with intense blacks and rich gradations of grey tone, and gives the art a high-impact glossy finish. I have included a small border for mounting purposes so that none of the artwork is lost when framed. All artwork is delivered flat so that there is none of that fussy unwinding or laying flat for hours. I use Royal Mail Signed For in the UK, and Track and Signed for all international orders.

Prices for all prints featured are £35.00 each. Postage is free within the United Kingdom, and a reasonable £5.00 for European Union, and £10.00 for the Rest of the World.

To purchase a print simply visit the store and dependant on where in the world you are situated, click the relevant link. You will be presented with a Paypal payment screen, and in the additional information tab, type the name of the artwork-from the list available-you wish to order. Any problems please email me direct on Further prints of artwork will be available on a rotation basis but please get in touch if there is anything specific you were after.



New Artwork

Hey guys, as promised, new artwork in both the Dark Art and Concept Art categories. Go check it!

Red Scarf

Red Scarf

More new work


Sorry for the apparent lack of activity……I have spent the last few months on crazy projects for bands, authors, and criminals of the underworld……

New work is displayed on the Facebook page, just click the link to view. The website will be updated as and when……

The store will be open by the end of September, once I finalise the details of the prints with the Printer-I have chosen a reputable company and am very impressed so far with their output. I have not chosen a High St Printer who specialises in leaflets and posters, but a company that deals with professional Artists and Photographers-I hope this shows with the quality of the prints that get produced.

If you are one of the many that had previously contacted me regarding prints, please can you do so again, stating which prints you are interested in? You can either use the Contact form or send me a direct I will then prioritise these orders over web based orders.

Many thanks for your continued support.




It’s been a while since I last posted….for that I apologise, but I’ve been keeping people informed of my goings on with Facebook and occasionally Twitter. As you can see I have updated the website and given it a fresh look. I have split the galleries into two categories-Dark Art and Concept Art. The Dark Art pretty much covers the gothic and horror style of work that often incorporates photography and photo-manipulation. My digital paintings and other associated work are included in the Concept Art category. If you’re a fan of my work do check out both of the galleries, I do try to show different skills and styles and am constantly aiming to push my style further. Any feedback on the site or work you see is extremely welcome!

I will be featured in Bizarre Magazine next month (June) for the July issue. I don’t know to what extent my work will be featured but I was contacted by the Editor who appears to be a fan (!) so I hope it’s a double page spread! Joking aside, I’m over the moon to be recognised and featured in a top magazine, so please check it out if you can!

There is new work in the Concept Art gallery which shows a different feel to the atmospheres I like creating with Digital Art. I’m a big Sci-Fi fan and this is shining through in the work I am creating right now. I’m digitally painting a lot of work lately, and not using any photo textures. This is more in line with how I learned art, and I am transferring the traditional techniques over to the digital world. I paint with a digital pen and tablet in the same way as using a brush and canvas, and to be honest with you, I’m really enjoying it, despite the laborious nature of it all! Again, I would welcome feedback but be kind….




Thank you for visiting, and thanks for the support!


Dark Soul Art

The emulation of the human race.

Strange post title I know, but bear with me….

When it comes to creating art I am often inspired by Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and I have always had strange conceptual ideas about what an alien species would make of us, the human race. Our traditional Sci-Fi has endeavoured to look at what an alien species may look like or how it would behave towards us (which is usually hostile). Films such as Independence Day or even Mars Attacks! use the pre-conceived notion of an alien species wanting to simply wipe us out.

But lets look at things differently…

The View

What if an alien race wanted to emulate what we had? I mean, here we are on this beautiful planet, one that is in the habitable zone of the Solar System, perfectly set up to host the many different lifeforms that live here. We as a species can experience emotion in the real sense-love, hate, desire, sadness-something that makes us so different to all other life. Are we not a species to be envious of? We certainly think a lot of ourselves and some believe our place in this universe is through design rather than evolutionary steps, so if there is a designer out there somewhere, like all design at some point, wouldn’t and couldn’t this be emulated? And if so, what would the results be like?

The Voyager 1 programme that was launched in 1977 has just entered interstellar space. It is still travelling, and will undoubtedly carry on even after the last scientific instrument is turned off roughly around 2025.

Now lets skip forward, by a few years…..40,000 to be less than precise. Voyager will be travelling within 1.6 light years of the star AC+79 3888, a star in the constellation Camelopardalis. Is it feasible to assume that Voyager may have been picked up by a more advanced (or at least a surviving) species somewhere out there? Or maybe a signal, or another piece of space junk that bears our details could have been found? We have sent multiple craft and signals into space for years and we know that much of this will be travelling outward towards our galactic neighbours over thousands of years. There are no guarantees as to the state of the human race at this point in time (we are doing our best to destroy ourselves as it is) but imagine an alien species picking up this object 40,000 years into the future, that contains important data about who and what we are at this moment in time…..

Now here comes the fantasy part after all I am an artist and creative…..lets assume that species has not evolved (or dare I say it, evolved out of) the traditional human characteristic that is emotion. They cannot love, hate, be sad, empathise-in short they cannot be human. What if they wanted to emulate this? How would they simulate something we value so much? Would they get it wrong? Would they fall at the first hurdle? Or would they succeed-like so many laboratories across the globe do now in experiments that aim to understand the animal kingdom?

Xalegia V

This is what I am exploring with my new series of art. Over the next few months I shall release various pieces that explore the concept further and give a glimpse into both the horrors and the beauty of this situation actually happening. It is a slightly different direction with my art, but one nonetheless that encompasses my style and the darker side to my creative vision. I’d really like to know what you all think of this….you could just ignore the concept and take pleasure from the art itself, or you could discuss the idea further (any authors/poets/musicians out there who want to get in touch, please do!) but please, do not bombard me with science and the “that’s not possible because…”. I am a keen astronomer and know the scientific limitations to the idea, but it is purely fiction and I’d like to think that the idea say’s a lot about who we are and our place in the universe…..


Synthetic Organic Cross-Contamination



So let me know your thoughts, and don’t forget to visit my Facebook page and give it a like…as always, thank you for the support!





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